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One of the biggest beliefs that keep people stuck in their jobs is the idea that your job is your Source.

What does this mean?

The belief that your job is your Source is the idea that your job is your lifeline to your income and your identity.

You think that you can’t ever leave your job because you won’t be able to survive.

Or you accept a certain level of pay because that’s all your Source is willing to give you.

But here’s the spiritual truth:

Your job is not your Source. Your Source is your Source.

What do I mean when I use the word Source?

Your Source is whatever you call that greater power in your life, whether you call it God, Spirit, the Divine, the Great Universe, the Mystery.

Whatever word, image or feeling you use, that is your Source.

Your Source is what supplies you, nourishes you, encourages you, leads you.

Your job, then, is only a vehicle, a pathway for Source to provide for you. AND….

Your job is a vehicle, a pathway through which you allow Source to express through you!

When you realize that your job is not your Source, you can start to see the many ways that your Source provides for you.

Think of the many ways that you have been provided for, and not just in terms of actual money.

Think of times when friend paid for a cup of coffee, or when someone gave you a comforting smile, or when you got the perfect advice just at the right time.

Think also of the ways that you have given these same gifts to other people…when you bought a friend a cup of tea, or when you gave someone a hug, or when you offered a listening ear to someone in need.

We live in a reciprocal universe where Source is always actively expressing through its givingness…giving and receiving through you and others in countless ways.

When you open your awareness to the infinite possibilities that Source gives, you’re automatically led to a simple response…and that’s one of gratitude.

So here’s your coaching exercise for today:

  • Go throughout your day and notice the ways that Source provides for you. Even if you see Source providing for someone else, that is still a gift for you because you got to witness it. After you notice these ways, give a silent “Thanks.”

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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