Why money alone isn’t enough

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At my Re-Write Your Money Story workshop last week, I shared why focusing on money alone isn’t enough if you want a meaningful, fulfilling life.

For many people, the central question is, first and foremost: “How can I make more money?”

If you want more money in your life, there are a million and one ways to bring in income.

Get a second job. Accrue interest in a money market account. Invest in the stock market. Create a product for residual income. Flip property. Join a multilevel marketing company. Create a business. Drive for Lyft. And the list goes on and on.

These examples are simply the tip of the iceberg.

However, when you look at this list, would you pursue any one of these money-making activities? Would some rise to the top and others sink to the bottom?

My guess is that you probably wouldn’t choose ALL of these options to increase your income. Why, you ask?

Because my guess is that not all of these activities resonate with you and what you enjoy doing.

You see, if your primary drive is to make money, you’re more prone to “chasing the dollar” in any way that might seem quickest and easiest.

You usually end up following the latest trends, facebook ads and infomercials that promise overnight success.

Or you might find yourself doing work that feels more like a chore than an act of service, simply because you’re in it for the money.

For some, you create a hodgepodge of money-seeking activities that seem out of sync with each other, and with who you are.

Here’s an analogy.

Imagine going to a grocery store, and your sole purpose is to buy food.

If buying food is your primary driver, you can fill up your cart with donuts, pineapples, frozen burritos, pitted olives, smoked paprika, lobster, soda, and a whole host of random food items.

Your cart is filled with all these food items that don’t seem to make any sense or have any cohesion to them.

But what if you walked into the grocery store with the idea that you wanted to buy healthy, nourishing options for you to cook for the week?

This specific intention brings a focus to your grocery shopping. Now, what you put in your cart aligns with a greater vision for the kind of life you want to live, namely one that is healthier and more nourishing.

This same idea applies to money.

What is your highest vision for your life?

Once you answer this question, then ask:

And what role does money play in fulfilling this vision?

When you ask the questions in this order (vision first, and money second), then you begin to realize how money serves you, and not the other way around.

Money is not the boss of you!

For your coaching assignment this week, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of life do I want to live? What kind of world do I want to help create?
    Take some time answering these questions. Explore what this looks like for all different areas of life, including career, money, health, relationships, spirituality, fun and recreation, service and contribution, community, environment, and other aspects of life that are important for you.
  • Once you tease this out, then begin to uncover what role money plays in supporting you to live this vision.
    Are you making and spending money that’s in alignment with this vision? Are you giving in a way that’s meaningful to you? Are your investments connected to a greater sense of meaning? Do your money goals match your life vision?

This week’s assignment is an exercise in raising your awareness.

Who are you? What do you value? Are you pursuing a life of meaning?

And does the energy of your relationship with money align with the life you want to express?

This Fall 2018, I’ll be starting up my “Re-Write Your Money Story” class. I don’t have all the specifics yet in place (like the dates, cost, how we’re going to meet up, etc.). But if you’d like to get notified about this, please click here to register for early notification.

Until then, here is a prayer for you that you can recite to bring you, your life and your money into greater alignment :

I open to the highest vision of life, and know that the abundance and prosperity of the Universe supports me in expressing my highest vision, with ease, joy, grace and purpose.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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And if you’re feeling the need for guidance or support for a particular area of life, I offer a complimentary life coaching consultation where we can chat. You can learn more about these life coaching consultations by clicking here.

Note: This article was originally published at www.AbundantGood.com.

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I’m a spiritual life coach at http://AbundantGood.com where I help people create a practical and joy-filled spiritual path to career and financial freedom.

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