When you feel helpless, be of service

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If you’ve been watching the news in the last few days (okay, maybe the last couple of years!), there’s more than enough shock, surprise, hurt, and anger to make you want to cry and wail for some semblance of humanity.

And sometimes it’s not just the news. You might be experiencing these feelings in your own personal life.

Maybe there’s pain in your relationships. Or you loathe going to work. Or you might be experiencing a health challenge.

Whether it’s the news or something seemingly insurmountable in your own life, it’s easy to feel helpless and forlorn.

What’s a person to do?

In these situations, one of the most common reactions is for people to withdraw and isolate, to get into bed and pull the covers over your head hoping all your problems will go away.

Yes, withdrawing yourself can sometimes be what you need, especially if you’re needing to feel safe and tend to your wounds.

However, if you’re looking to move from feeling helpless to feeling a greater sense of peace, there is one thing you can do that’s immediately helpful:

Be of service.

When you serve others, you focus your attention away from you and you bring your energy to another.

When you serve others, you break any sense of isolation and you connect with your heart.

When you serve others, you invite a greater compassion into your being and the world around you.

And being of service doesn’t have to be hard. You can serve in a lot of ways.

You can find a cause you love and volunteer to help out.

You can offer to water plants for friends while they’re away.

It can be as simple as you cooking a meal and washing the dishes for your loved ones.

When you’re feeling helpless, being of service reminds you that you can claim agency in your life.

The spiritual truth in today’s teaching is this:

You are never helpless. You have the power of Love always available to you, for you to choose how to channel and express.

For your coaching assignment this week, see if you can do one thing to be of service.

No matter how big or small the action, just do one thing, in the name of the Love that is within you.

And see how you feel as you give your heart, your energy and your Love in service.

May you discover the boundless nature of your heart as you reach out to another and serve.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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Note: This article was originally published at www.AbundantGood.com.

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I’m a spiritual life coach at http://AbundantGood.com where I help people create a practical and joy-filled spiritual path to career and financial freedom.

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