What is your deepest intent?

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Many years ago, I had a student in my Vision Board workshop who was struggling with figuring out her career path.

“You say it’s possible to make money doing what I love,” she questioned. “Well, I love watching the Real Housewives on tv. How can I make money doing that?”

I felt for her and her conundrum. She posed what seemed a very logical question, and yet she grasped for an answer that didn’t seem to resonate with her underlying need.

Because she was a friend of mine and I had known her for some time, I knew that underneath her question was a crying need to feel greater meaning and purpose in her life. (Of course, she also had a need to be richly compensated.)

You see, there are many ways to ask a question. However, the quality of the question you ask determines the depth of the answer you receive.

One of the most powerful questions that reaches into the realm of meaning and purpose is one I’ve learned from Reverend Deborah Johnson, founder of Inner Light Ministries. She asks simply:

“What is your deepest intent?”

Behind every action, behind every challenge, behind the scenes of all of life itself, your deepest intent is the creative force at work.

“Your intent arrives at the door before you do,” Rev. Deborah explains. “The energy is so strong that no matter how you try to hide or camouflage it, it will always shine, even in the dark.”

The more that you are aware of and in touch with your deepest intent, the more you live your life in alignment with the core of your being.

I encourage you to explore asking this question for yourself.

Before you engage in an activity, ask yourself, “What is my deepest intent?”

For example, here’s a conversation I have with myself when I’m about to meet with a coaching client:

  • “My client is coming in about 10 minutes. What is my deepest intent when I meet with him? I know that I want to be fully present and to be available. Okay, breathe, relax and ask again. What is my deepest intent? My intent is to be of service, to remind him of the brilliance and magnificence he already is. Hmm…that’s interesting. Now, breathing again, let me ask again. What is my deepest intent? Ah…my deepest intent is to remember that it is not I who does the work with my client, but the presence of the Divine. All I need do is simply Listen.”

As you might see, the more I engage with this question, the greater I align with a Truth that gives me a feeling of greater meaning and purpose.

You can also bring this question to any problem you might be experiencing.

For example, with my friend who felt confused about her career path, she might have this conversation with herself:

  • “When it comes to my career path, what is my deepest intent? Okay, I realize that I do enjoy watching the Real Housewives, but honestly, I know it’s not my deepest intent. I get, though, why I’m attracted to the show. It’s because I enjoy the aliveness that I see as these people live their lives. I want that same feeling of aliveness in my own life. Could that be it? Wow, that’s the intent that I want with my career…to feel fully alive. My deepest intent is to live my life fully.”

For your coaching assignment this week, see if you can take a moment to ask yourself this question.

  • Think of an area of your life (i.e., career, relationships, health, etc.) or consider a challenge you’re facing or project you’re embarking on, and ask yourself, “What is my deepest intent?”
  • Then take a few moments to sit with this. When you come up with something, then ask again a couple more times. Be willing to be surprised.

At the heart of today’s teaching is this spiritual truth:

Your truest and deepest intent is the creative force behind all you do. When you connect with your deepest intent, you unleash the power of the truth of who you are.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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I’m a spiritual life coach at http://AbundantGood.com where I help people create a practical and joy-filled spiritual path to career and financial freedom.

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