The Spiritual Minute: What are your money mantras?

I invite you to read the following words and notice how they make you feel.

At the end, I’ll share with you who said these brilliant words. You might be delightfully surprised.

“Money, like all life, is an energy exchange. You give yourself over to whatever it is you’re passionate about, and what comes back to you is energy, in the form of monetary compensation.”

“What you focus on expands, and if you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it.”

“If you live life with an open palm rather than a closed fist, you leave room for immeasurable blessings to flow to your hands.”

“You attract more or less of what you want by how you choose to interact with it, as well as what you believe about yourself.”

“You are capable. You are able. You are deserving. You are creative. You do have it inside of you to create what you want to create and for it to go well with you, and for you, to build a life around it.”

Go ahead and take a deep breath. Now, let it out.

These brilliant words are from Alicia Keys, the immensely talented singer, songwriter, pianist, as she recorded a video sharing from her latest book, More Myself, and the video she recorded is titled, “Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance.”

The thing is, Alicia Keys didn’t always believe these things that she said, and it was a journey for her to get from a place where she was feeling really scarce in all of her life, to having a more expansive view that allowed her to be in this place of gratitude.

These words and phrases that she shared are what I call your “Money Stories.”

Money stories are those beliefs that we all carry that affect our relationship with money (and actually all of life itself).

In a class that I led yesterday, “What’s Your Money Story?”, one of the participants called these “Money Mantras.”

In this instance, mantras are like affirmations, those things that we tell ourselves that we affirm to be true in our lives.

And so, my question for you today is, in the atmosphere of these brilliant, more expansive words of Alicia Keys:

What are the mantras you are telling yourself today?

And can you lean into those ideas that make you feel even more expansive, more creative and more abundant, in and as your life?

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

Special Note: If you’re interested in learning more about your money stories, please check out this upcoming webinar I’m leading on “What’s Your Money Story?” by clicking here:

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A little about me…

My unique ability is helping people believe they can claim the driver’s seat of their lives. I do that by helping them figure out what’s really holding them back, get clear on their heart’s vision, and then fully supporting them in a safe and sacred space to bring that vision to reality.

I’m a spiritual life coach, and I also provide trainings and support for organizations and corporations on the topic of personal leadership. I’m also a newly published author of my book “The Creative Impulse: Answering the Highest Calling of Your Heart.”

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I’m a spiritual life coach at where I help people create a practical and joy-filled spiritual path to career and financial freedom.

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Joselito Laudencia

Joselito Laudencia

I’m a spiritual life coach at where I help people create a practical and joy-filled spiritual path to career and financial freedom.

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