The Spiritual Minute: We live in a loving and giving Universe

Unconditional love is how the Universe sees you

Think back to a moment where you felt unconditional love.

Where you were loved up so much that no matter what you did, you could do no wrong.

Maybe you felt this way with a grandparent, or a dear friend, or loved one.

Maybe even an animal companion who just loves you so much.

Or even nature itself, where there’s no judgment.

Let that feeling of unconditional love fill your entire being.

You see, that kind of unconditional love is how the Universe sees you.

How God sees you. How Life sees you.

The Universe is saying, “You are my beloved. With you, I am well pleased.”

How would you live your life differently if you embraced this idea as true?

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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A little about me…

My unique ability is helping people believe they can claim the driver’s seat of their lives. I do that by helping them figure out what’s really holding them back, get clear on their heart’s vision, and then fully supporting them in a safe and sacred space to bring that vision to reality.

I’m a spiritual life coach, and I also provide trainings and support for organizations and corporations on the topic of personal leadership. I’m also a newly published author of my book “The Creative Impulse: Answering the Highest Calling of Your Heart.”

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Joselito Laudencia

I’m a spiritual life coach at where I help people create a practical and joy-filled spiritual path to career and financial freedom.