The Spiritual Minute: Do you argue for your limitations?

You say what you want, but you also argue why you can’t have it.

Joselito Laudencia
3 min readOct 26, 2022


Have you ever heard the phrase “arguing for your limitations”?

I first heard the expression at a personal growth workshop many years ago.

One of the participants shared how she couldn’t accomplish something she wanted because she felt she was too old to go for it.

The facilitator stopped her right there and said, “Stop arguing for your limitations.”

My ears perked up because I never heard that saying before.

Arguing for your limitations sounds like this:

“I don’t have time for a vacation.”

“I won’t get that dream job because there are a thousand other people going for it and I’ll never get it.”

“Investing money is too risky and complicated, so I won’t look into it.”

“Losing 10 pounds is too hard.”

In each of these statements, you say what you want, but then you put up a barrier to why you can’t have it.

Arguing your limitations means you are actively arguing the case for why you can’t have what you really want.

These are also called “Yeah, but’s”.

“Yeah, I want to take a trip to Hawaii, but I don’t have any time or money.”

“Yeah, I want that dream job, but there are so many more qualified people than me.”

“Yeah, I want to learn to invest money, but it’s too complicated.”

“Yeah, I want to lose weight, but it’s too hard.”

Everything after the word “but” is an argument for why you can’t have what you want.

It’s like driving a car and pressing on both the gas pedal and the brake pedal both at the same time…the gas pedal says go, but the brake pedal stops you.

In the end, you’re just stuck in the same place.

When you argue for your limitations, you get stuck. You end up experiencing the same old, same old in life.

Essentially, you become the hamster running in the hamster wheel.

So how does the hamster break free?

Instead of arguing for your limitations, what if you argue for your possibilities?

Instead of a “Yeah, I want this but it can’t happen”, what if you say “Yeah, I want this and this is why it will happen”?

You see, you’re always at choice for where you put your energy and attention.

You’re always at choice for what you believe about yourself.

The spiritual truth is that you are a limitless being, bound only by your perception of who you are and what you think you are capable of.

So the next time you catch yourself saying “Yeah, but…”, take a moment to argue another possibility.

“Yeah, I want this, and this is why it’s going to happen…”

Be limitless.

Open to your own power.

When you give energy to the limitless you that already are, then watch out and witness the you emerging that is way more powerful than you ever realized.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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