The Spiritual Minute: Create from your future

I didn’t say create your future. I said create “from” your future.

Joselito Laudencia
3 min readSep 1, 2022

One of my clients recently shared with me a practice she started doing every morning.

She calls it “Imagining.”

She would pick an area of focus. It could be a specific project, like landscaping a backyard, or a personal intention she was working on, like getting her body into better shape, or a general area of life, like career or relationships.

So she would pick an area of focus, and then, she’d spend 10 to 15 minutes every morning in a place of imagining possibilities.

Sometimes she would write these out, other times draw or doodle, or she’d simply sit in silence and allow her mind to open to wherever her inner joy guided her.

That’s when new ideas started popping up and her imagination led to inspiration, which eventually pulled her to take inspired action.

And let me tell you…she has been manifesting magnificently.

Opportunities are showing up, her creative energy is expanding, and when she has a desire pop up, things magically appear.

I told her this was a perfect example of creating from your future.

I hope you noticed the word I added in that sentence.

I didn’t say, “Create your future.”

I said, “Create from your future.”

Here’s what I mean.

Most people create from what they’ve known, meaning you base what’s possible from your past experiences or your present conditions.

When you create from your past or even your present self, you have these invisible blinders that you inadvertently put on yourself, like the horses wear to keep them from veering off their usual path.

I’m not saying this is bad or wrong, but what I am conveying is that you end up limiting the vast number of creative possibilities available to you.

You’re pinching yourself off from Divine Source.

But what if you imagined you in your future state, already accomplishing the things you desire, embodying the person you’re called to be?

That’s what some speakers do when they go into the room beforehand, get on stage before the audience gets there, and settle into the energy of presenting.

Or when athletes play in their heads their performing at top notch on the field.

You can do this same thing for your own life.

What if you could feel into the experience of more loving and fulfilling relationships?

What if you started to embody right now the idea of moving around and about in a vitally alive physical body?

What if you could see yourself expressing your creative gifts fully and freely, without concern about what anyone else would think?

How would you feel? Would you feel more confident, more joyous, more alive?

How would you carry your body? Would you stand up taller, lift your head up a little higher?

There are so many possibilities available to you.

There are so many possibilities of you.

Why not tune into the future you who’s already living and embodying the wonderful possibilities of you?

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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