The Spiritual Minute: Another brilliant idea in the shower

In between the shampoo and conditioner, there’s a possibility for brilliance.

Joselito Laudencia
3 min readJun 9, 2022


A few months ago, I shared a post where I asked, “Why do all the best ideas come in the shower?”

Lo and behold, this morning I had another great idea emerge.

I was thinking about my upcoming workshop on Visioning that I’m doing this Saturday, and the question was rolling around in my mind.

“How can I serve more?”

And then, in between the shampoo and conditioner, a brilliant idea emerged, one that made me so excited I wrote it on my shower notepad that my dear friend Margaret sent to me after she saw I get these great ideas in the shower.

I’m so excited that I’ll share this with my folks at my workshop this Saturday.

(I’ll share with you this latest brilliant idea in the next couple of weeks.)

Even last month, in the week before the workshop I did in May, I had another brilliant idea come in the shower of a fun one-page worksheet that captured the core of all my teachings.

I ended up using it in that workshop, and everyone loved it so much, I’m using that one worksheet in all my classes and programs now.

I’m sharing this with you because there really is something to being in a state of ease and allowing that attracts new, creative ideas to emerge.

And not only new and creative, but also brilliant and inspiring!

When you’re in a state of opening and allowing, and when you ask powerful questions in that open state, you invite new ideas and experiences that resonate in that higher vibration of ease and inspiration.

This is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about this Saturday’s workshop on The Intuitive Practice of Visioning, because so many people need a space to quiet the mind and to be guided to listen to the ways your heart and soul are speaking to you.

Most people get so busy and pay attention to the outside noise, that they don’t realize there’s something else wanting to come forward in your life, something more inspiring, more creative, and perhaps the answer you’ve been seeking.

Sometimes your heart’s whispers come in the shower, when you’re gardening, in meditation, or when you’re taking a stroll in the nature, or even reading an uplifting, inspiring book.

I encourage you to be intentional and consistent in creating these kinds of easeful openings in your life.

(My classes and workshops are great opportunities for you to experience this!)

You see, here’s the spiritual truth in all this.

Your heart is always communicating with you.

All it’s waiting for is for you to create the space and the state of being where you can notice and listen.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

If you’re needing this kind of sacred, healing space, combined with guided powerful questions, I encourage you to check out my upcoming session on The Intuitive Practice of Visioning. Go here for more info:

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