The awkward stages of growth

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When you embark on a new skill, learning or journey, you might easily envision what you would look like or feel like at the end of the process.

For example, if you’re learning to ice skate, you might see yourself gliding around the rink without having to hold on to the sides.

Or if you’re creating a new recipe from a food show you watched or a magazine you’ve read, you could imagine a beautiful dish that matches the picture.

Or maybe you made a decision to eat healthier and you see yourself filling your grocery basket with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Perhaps you’re aiming to start a new career, and you could already see yourself breathing clearly and freely, making money doing something that you love.

Getting clear on where you want to go and embodying the feeling of your vision are very helpful first steps as you grow and learn.

What we sometimes don’t realize, though, are that there are awkward stages along the way.

If you’re learning to ice skate, you sometimes fall when you let go of the railing.

If you’re cooking a new dish, sometimes the end product doesn’t always match up to the beauty of what you saw on television or in the food magazine.

If you’re on the path to eating healthier, you might find that stray bag of chips hidden in the cupboard and you waver whether to eat it or give it away.

If you want to leave your job and start a new career, usually it can’t happen fast enough. You might be looking for new opportunities or gaining new skills, but you might get frustrated that you’re not feeling the freedom and fulfillment of your new career.

I call these awkward stages because you don’t have your footing yet.

You haven’t mastered these skills or reached the end of your journey.

Between the beginning of the journey and the end of the journey is being on the journey.

And I’ll tell you…being on the journey is a magical place.


Because you’re stretching your horizons.

You’re trying new things. You’re exercising new muscles. You’re tapping into an energy of possibility as you seek to experience something new.

So I’m here to encourage you…

If you’ve embarked on something new in your life, it’s okay to expect the awkward stages of growth, and perhaps even to embrace them.

Your feelings of awkwardness are a sign that you’ve invited the spirit and creativity of Life into your being, and you’re willing to express this Life as you.

For your coaching assignment this week, here’s something easy:

Try something new.

It could be as simple as buying something from the grocery store that you usually don’t buy, or driving down a different street, or learning a few words in a language that you’re not familiar with.

As you embark on this journey, notice your moments of awkwardness, where you feel a little strange. Maybe you might be a little excited.

Then, embrace that feeling of awkwardness, of strangeness and excitement. And silently give thanks for the fullness of Life that you get to experience.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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