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Photo by one of the Scott brothers (Drew or Jonathan, I don’t really know)

In last week’s article “$10,000 out of nowhere, right when we needed it,” I shared an incredible story of synchronicity and divine intervention.

As I noted, there are moments when Life lifts the invisible veil and allows you to see and experience Life beyond the ordinary.

And here was last week’s coaching assignment:

Ask this week for the veil to be lifted, and look for moments where you can experience the “magic” of Life at work.

Well, lo and behold, I asked and I received!

Last week I flew up to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend some time with my mom. On my last night there, we sat in front of the television and flipped through the channels. With nothing good really on, we decided to watch an episode of Family Feud.

The Family Feud episode was a special celebrity edition where the contestants were hosts from the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV). On one of the teams were two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother.

The two brothers ended up losing the game and I didn’t think any further about them.

The next day I happened to be sitting at my gate at the Oakland International Airport when I spotted what looked like one of the brothers.

“Gosh,” I thought to myself, “that really looks like that guy I just watched on Family Feud, but I’m not sure because he’s by himself.”

Then, a minute later, here comes his twin brother walking along.

“It is them!” I shrieked in my head.

They both ended up sitting a few seats away from me.

One life lesson that I’ve come to embody is this: Expect the unexpected.

After I wrote last week’s article, I’ve had a number of people email me and talk to me, sharing their experiences of synchronicity and divine intervention.

And not only did I give you the assignment to be open to experience the “magic” of Life at work, I included myself in that assignment!

A few minutes after I noted the brothers were sitting a few seats from me, I decided to get up from my seat and “casually” walk past them.

“Hey, aren’t you the guys from HGTV?” I asked, acting as if I was surprised to see them right then and there.

“Yeah, we are,” they smiled.

The Scott brothers were very friendly, and gracious enough to have me sit in between them to take a photo.

And yes, even though I didn’t show it, I just about died right then and there from being so starstruck.

This week’s spiritual lesson is the same as the one I offered last week:

The more you expect to witness and experience the magic and brilliance of Life, the more It shows up and reveals Itself to you.

So let’s continue last week’s assignment into this week:

  • If you’re open to it, ask this week for the veil to be lifted, and look for moments where you can experience the “magic” of Life at work.

The Truth is that Life is an ever-unfolding and ever-revealing mystery, always wanting to be experienced and known.

This week, let’s revel in Life’s mystery and experience the beauty of Life at work.

And make sure to send me a note when something incredible happens. :-)

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about today’s post. Have you experienced synchronicity, divine intervention and seeing beyond the veil? Please leave a comment below. And make sure to give some “claps” if you liked reading this article.

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