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A couple weeks ago, my partner Richard and I visited the Big Apple — New York, New York. For the longest time, I’ve had on my bucket list to see the musical Hamilton. Now I can happily say, “Check!” We saw it, and it was absolutely amazing.

As it turned out, Life blessed us by adding a cherry on top to that experience, and we were invited to go backstage and meet the cast.

Whaaaatttt???? Yes, for real.

After the theater emptied out, a few of us who were huddling near the stage were ushered into the backstage where the magic happens. I brought out my iPhone to capture the moments.

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While I took pictures of the costumes, the candlesticks and other props, a young man appeared in front of us, wearing grey sweats and looking refreshed.

Wait, is this…? Are you…?

Yes, indeed. Standing before us was the actor, Michael Luwoye, who played Alexander Hamilton himself!

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Being a starstruck fanboy, I gushed and gawed over his brilliant performance. The depth of emotion, the fiery passion, the booming voice and his commanding presence — with all this, Michael gave us (the audience) every ounce of himself and more.

When I witnessed him onstage, I could see the sweat flying from him as he poured his heart and soul into his intense portrayal of one of the country’s Founding Fathers.

Now, here he stood in front of me and Richard, after a 2 hour 35 minute performance, refreshed and calm as if he had taken an eight hour nap.

“I need to ask you this,” I remarked to Michael. “How is it that you look so refreshed and calm, after such a strenuous and exhilarating performance?”

Michael laughed.

After taking a moment to ponder, he replied, “It’s because I see the whole performance as a meditation.”

I see the whole performance as a meditation.

I gasped at his words. Are we really talking about meditation here on the backstage of Hamilton, I thought to myself. I’m in the presence of a kindred spirit.

“I’m so in the moment while I’m in the performance,” he continued. “I give everything. I’m present. And then when it’s done, I let it go.”

When I talk with folks about meditation, many imagine being in a quiet space with eyes closed, blocking out any thoughts or intrusive sounds that may upset any sense of peace.

And yet, here was Michael, explaining how meditation to him and with his performance was anything but quiet.

In other words, you could have a meditative experience whether you’re yelling, laughing, crying or leaping on stage.

The point of meditation, for Michael, wasn’t a seeking to escape from life, but it was an invitation to fully immerse in Life, whether it’s in the sweat, the tears, the joy or the heartache.

When you fully immerse in Life, you connect with the wonder and depth of all that is.

You open to a more expansive experience of beauty and grandeur, when you otherwise might have been too busy to take notice.

In the midst of whatever may be happening in your life, you choose to breathe it all in.

When you approach all of Life as a meditation, you move, not separate from Life, but One with Life itself, Life moving through and as you.

After having this deep and profound conversation with Michael, I thanked him for sharing his heart and spirit with us. And, of course, I asked him to take a selfie. He happily obliged. (On a side note, if you’re wondering, we also took pictures with some of the other amazing cast members!)

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Taking in Michael’s wisdom, I invite you to see how you can apply this teaching in your own life.

Your coaching assignment for this week, if you choose to take it on, is to see how you can approach active moments in your life as a meditation.

Whether you’re washing the dishes, doing the laundry, writing an email, shopping at the supermarket, caressing a loved one or eating a meal, whatever activity you find yourself doing, ask yourself:

“Am I fully engaging in this moment? How can I magnify my own connection with Life in the here and now?”

Be in the moment. Witness what arises. And be willing to be surprised.

My prayer for you this week is this:

May Life bless you with a greater awareness of what already is, and what already is lovingly being given to you.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about today’s post. Are you open to experiencing meditation in your everyday life? What activity can you use as a meditative experience? Please leave a comment below.

And if you’re feeling the need for guidance or support for a particular area of life, I offer a complimentary life coaching consultation where we can chat. You can learn more about these life coaching consultations by clicking here.

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