Expressing gratitude BEFORE your experience

What if you expressed gratitude BEFORE you experience what you want to be grateful for?

Joselito Laudencia
3 min readNov 18, 2022


What are you grateful for?

Whenever I ask people what they’re grateful for, they usually share about people, animals, things, or situations they currently experience or recently accomplished.

For example:

  • I’m grateful for my family, including our dog Misty.
  • I’m grateful that I have a warm place to sleep.
  • I’m grateful that I finally cleaned out my closet!

Many times, we think about gratitude simply as a RESPONSE to what we experience in life.

But what if you expand your sense of gratitude to experiences BEFORE they show up in your life?

Here’s an example.

Say you have a new project you want to launch, like writing a book, creating a new garden, or organizing your shelves.

Think of something specific in your own life that you’d like to work on.

Now imagine the best possible scenario for your project unfolding, where you’re having fun, you’re feeling creative, you’re supported in all ways, and it’s easier than you imagined.

Picture yourself at the end of the process, looking back at how it all came together and how you grew in the process, with you now having a huge smile on your face.

Revel in that feeling, and let it expand throughout your being.

You see, your smile and your feeling are an illustration of you expressing gratitude before the actual experience.

You might be wondering, well why does this matter? Why should I be expressing gratitude beforehand?

Gratitude is a welcoming energy, where you are proclaiming to the universe what you like, what you enjoy, what you prefer, what makes you happy.

Gratitude says, “Thank you. I want more of this feeling!”

The energy that you radiate is magnetic.

This means that the energy that you express draws to you the same kinds of energy that show up as people, situations, ideas, and feelings that match your radiating, grateful energy.

This is the Law of Attraction in action.

When you imagine what you really want to experience as if it’s already a done deal, and it’s infused with this feeling tone of gratitude, then you’ve set the train in motion.

When you keep the gratitude train going, you generate momentum…not only for your specific project, but for other things you want to experience in your life.

You create a welcoming energy for even more good, as well.

So, your coaching assignment for this week is simple:

  • Ask yourself this: What is one thing that you really, really, really want?
  • Then, imagine it unfolding in the highest, most joyful, and best way possible.
  • Infuse this all with a great feeling of gratitude.
  • Then simply let it be. Relax and trust that it’s already a done deal, because in your grateful mind, it really is already done.

May your week be filled with an ever-growing sense of gratitude, and know that as you focus on gratitude, you welcome even more joy and delight into your very experience.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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