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Has a friend ever offered to buy you a cup of coffee or lunch, and you turned it down because you didn’t want to impose?

If so, you’re not alone.

A friend of mine recently shared this exact experience with me.

His co-worker offered to buy him a cup of coffee. He replied, “Oh no, that’s okay.” She insisted and said she wanted to do it. And still, he refused and bought his own coffee.

He believed he was being a good friend to her. He didn’t want to seem like he was taking advantage of her. Out of his own sense of respect to her, his refusal seemed like the right thing to do.

However, I want you to see it through the eyes of his co-worker who offered to buy him the coffee.

She had a spontaneous moment of generosity arise in her. She wanted to offer him a gift, not only as a cup of coffee itself but also as an expression of her friendship. She wanted to share some goodness with him.

However, by his refusing her gift, the flow of goodness was cut short. Her kindness was refused.

One of the mantras I like to affirm is this: “We live in a Giving Universe.”

The Universe is abundant in its love and givingness, and this overflowing of abundance shows up in a multitude ways…the warmth of the sun, the apples from the trees, and even a cup of coffee from a dear friend.

Yes, we ourselves can be the conduit by which the Universe expresses its Goodness.

At the heart of today’s teaching is this spiritual truth:

Your experience of Good in this Universe is only limited by what you are willing to receive.

This begs the question, how much Good are you willing to accept in your life?

If you went to the beach and imagined the ocean as a vast expanse of Good, what would you bring to carry this Good?

Would you bring a teaspoon? Maybe a cup? Perhaps a big bowl?

What metaphor comes to mind that reflects your greatest capacity to allow and accept Good in your life?

You see, there’s an infinite amount of Good available to you. How open are you to receiving it?

For your coaching assignment this week, let’s play with expanding your experience of Good. If someone offers you something Good, see if you can graciously accept it.

It could be someone opening the door for you. Or maybe someone will offer to buy you lunch.

When I had one of my clients from my Re-Write Your Money Story class do this assignment, one of his neighbors “magically” offered him a hot tub for his backyard! (And of course, he said yes!)

And here’s the kicker. When someone offers to give you something Good, offer no arguments or refusals. Plus, you don’t need to feel obligated to reciprocate by giving something back. Simply a thank you would suffice.

Try it for a week and let me know how it works out for you.

This is how you create a bigger container to bring to the ocean of Good…by saying Yes to the Good that is already making itself available to you.

Here is my prayer for you:

May this week bring you a greater Yes to the delights and surprises of Good that is always and already present.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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