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This week, in the United States, many come together in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciation are powerful spiritual practices.

When we give thanks, we open our awareness to the many ways we live in a giving Universe. We get to see the richness of Life that is always present. And we allow our hearts to soften in humility to the grandness and infinite nature of all of Life itself.

At any moment, you can pause and open to an attitude and atmosphere of gratitude.

Even now, take a moment and ask, “What am I grateful for?”

Allow the gratitude to rise and notice your heart opening. Breathe, and see what comes up.

To deepen your practice just a bit, add the question, “And why am I grateful for this?”

When you delve into the why, you give voice to the values that you hold dear.

For example, when I asked a friend these questions, this is what she said:

“I’m grateful for my dog Luna. Why? Because no matter what may be happening in my life, she’s always there to greet me and lick my face. She’s a ball of unconditional love.”

In this spirit of Gratitude, I offer you this prayer that you can use to evoke greater appreciation in your life:

In this moment, I recognize the fullness of All of Life, and I am grateful.

I am grateful for the Life that breathes me, that brings energy and vitality to every part of my body.

I am grateful for all my relations and the ways that Love reveals its splendor in connection and in community.

I am grateful for my gifts, talents and abilities where I get to share the creative energy within me in contribution and service to the world.

I am grateful for my physical surroundings and the sustenance I receive.

I am grateful for Mother Earth, Father Sky and the interconnection between all living creatures.

I am grateful for the ever-evolving nature of this Universe, which expands my own understanding of what is possible.

Life is dynamic. Life is expanding. Life is Good.

For all this, I am truly grateful.

May you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Thank you for being the blessing that you are.

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

I’d love to hear what expressions of gratitude you may have today. Please leave a comment below. Feel free to give some “claps” while you’re at it! (I’ll be grateful for them!)

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