A Key Ingredient in Setting Your 2023 Intentions

Rather than pushing to make things happen, what if you felt magically pulled instead?

Joselito Laudencia
4 min readJan 19, 2023

If you’re one to set new year’s resolutions, goals or intentions for the year, a good rule of thumb is to come up with something specific and measurable, so you’ll know if you achieved it.

For example, instead of just saying your resolution is to lose weight, you could say, “Lose 10 pounds by June 30, 2023.”

Or, instead of saying you’ll travel more, you could say, “Book a 10-day trip to Italy in September 2023.”

When you get specific, you make your desires more real.

You get clearer on what you want, and you gain a focus for where to channel your energies and attention.

But there’s another ingredient that’s key to setting your intentions, and that’s asking the simple question:


Why do you want to lose 10 pounds? Why do you want to book a 10-day trip to Italy? Why does your intention ultimately matter to you?

When you delve into the WHY behind your intentions, you uncover what matters most to you…your values, your dreams, your own inner calling.

For example, when I ask myself why I want to lose 10 pounds, here are my honest answers:

  • Because I want to feel fit and strong.
  • Because I want my blood sugar, my cholesterol, and my blood pressure levels to be in the healthy range.
  • Because I don’t want to be breathing so hard when I walk up a couple flights of stairs.
  • Because I want to wear my favorite shirt without it looking so tight.
  • Because I want to look like how I looked in my photos a few years ago.

Try this out for yourself.

Ask yourself what’s one intention you have for this year, and then ask yourself why you want to experience that. Why does it matter to you?

See if you can list out at least 5 different reasons why. The purpose of this exercise is to begin delving into the energy behind your intention.

Even with each of the answers you give, you could go further and dig deeper by asking why those specific reasons are important, too.

For example, when I look at the answers that I wrote, I can go deeper and ask:

Why is it important that I want to feel fit and strong? Why do I want to my levels to be in the healthy range? Why do I want to look like how I looked in my photos?

The deeper you go, the more you get to the core of what really matters to you, which can bring some tender emotions to the surface.

For example, for me:

I want my levels to be in the healthy range and I want to feel fit and strong because I want to be around for a long time, and I want to enjoy the richness of life with Richard.

You see, when you get to the why behind your intention, you tap into the “feeling” tone inherent within your intention.

The feeling tone is a calling, for you to experience a greater sense of such things as joy, freedom, power, calm, peace, harmony, vitality, strength, abundance, vibrancy, fun, and many other expansive qualities.

Your WHY is your inner being calling you forth to express more fully who you are, as your best and most vibrant self.

And your WHY also acts as your motivator, to keep reminding you why your intentions matter and why you’re called to keep going forward, especially when it gets challenging.

So, the next time you set an intention, take a moment, and delve deeply into the reasons WHY you want that intention in the first place, and tune into what FEELINGS are inherent in your intention.

When you incorporate these ingredients into your intention setting, you may be delightfully surprised that, rather than having to push to make your intentions happen, instead you’ll feel magically pulled and motivated by your heart. 🙏🏽

Abundant Blessings and Namaste.

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